Arianna Zorzi

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Physical exercise contributes to mental and physical well-being, disease prevention, and increased energy levels making more energy available to go about the day. I believe that fitness leads to self-love, as it makes you stronger not only in the body but also in the mind.

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During my sessions

I always try to promote body positivity, truly champion my clients’ success, and get them excited about setting performance-based goals alongside aesthetic goals. Performance-based goals increase self-esteem and body image, with the side benefit of looking great. My clients report that, after starting working out with me, more energy is available to them, and many of them have started to channel that extra energy into working on self-love and self-improvement, ultimately making themselves and the people around them happier.

Customized program

If you are going to start to work out, entrust a qualified and experienced professional. My mission is not only to prescribe the right exercises that will bring you closer to your goals but also motivate you to incorporate physical activity and healthy habits into a positive lifestyle change. I will design a personalized program based on your fitness level, age, gender, and your objectives. This guarantees the safest and most effective way to achieve success. My goal is to support you and help you become the best version of you.







Personal Training

A personalized training program to focus on your goals. Exclusive attention to guarantee your results.

Couple Training

Work out with your partner, a friend or relative. Achieve your goals while enjoying your time together.

Training in small groups

It’s cheaper and it’s fun. Join available groups or form your own group of 3+ people or more.

Special: The warrior challenge

If being in shape and look good is not enough and you want to become a Super Fit Super You, this challenge is for you. Follow me in this extreme cross-fit circuit in nature and test your physical and mental limits.



You can choose from a variety of beaches on Ibiza: such as Cala Comte, Salinas, Talamanca, Cala Llonga or any other.


Any outdoor location on request, including beaches, parks and public spaces in Ibiza.


Ideal if you have time constraints or if you prefer to work out in the privacy and comfort of your home.

Arianna Zorzi

I have been into sports for over 30 years and competitive sport for 10 years. Athletics, Rugby and Basketball during high school, Thai Boxing at university and fitness all through. After university, I pursued a humanitarian career working for INGOs bringing relief to the population affected by war, poverty and natural disaster. This challenging and rewarding job did not make me step away from my other passion: sports. I coached a basketball team in Uganda, started a Thai Boxing Club in Kabul, and a running club in Abuja, Nigeria. A few years ago I decided to dedicate myself full time to personal training and coaching. I received my official fitness certification at REP’s in London and moved to Ibiza to pursue my goal.

What are the benefits achieved by my clients

1. Immediate results on physical conditioning and body fat percentage.

2. More energy and vitality for other daily activities.

3. Rigorous and objective information about fitness and training.

4. Motivation and fun in every training session.



As a professional yoga teacher, I work with my body a lot. However, going to the gym regularly has always been an important addition to my spiritual practice. I understand how important it is to workout correctly and to find the right exercises and training method to reach my personal goals. Arianna’s personal training has helped me with that. I’ve learned amazing new techniques and especially enjoy the outdoor workouts. I now hardly ever use the fitness machines but instead like to do circuits and love running uphill.


Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Arianna knows how to train me in a way that is right for me. She keeps the workout fun and challenging at the same time. Offering a powerful combination of different workout styles including martial arts, cross fit, and high-intensity interval training. After a few months of training, I was ready for ‘the warrior challenge’. What an amazing experience. If you are ready for some serious sweating.

Francesco Sgaravatti

I’m 65 and had not done any sport in a long time. My doctor insisted I need to exercise and suggested to find a personal trainer to help out. Arianna offered me what I needed, a gentle approach, a safe way to start. She helped me to improve my fitness level and overall mobility. Now I can squat, do interval training alternating short runs and walk, but most importantly, I can play with my grandsons without getting tired and/or injured. I’m grateful.

Elena Amadeo

One of the best personal trainers on the island. I lost 10kg in one month! I’m ready for the summer and I can’t thank you enough. Highly recommended.


Excellent professional training and super sweet instructor! Kicked my ass but I needed it. Good for individuals or small groups too. Thanks!


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